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Update by |lostprophet |10-5-03
I swear to God I'm not dead! My new site got deleted during a server upgrade a while back and I had no clue, so ProNinja and myself are slowly trying to recover it. I have backup HTML but it didn't have the full coding. I swear, it will be back up soon enough! PLEASE BARE WITH ME. My time schedule has been bleh since school started. I'm also working on a Naruto site with ProNinja, and that doesn't help the Rave site too much. Please, keep checking in. Also, for those of you who have sent me e-mail regarding the music, I'm sorry. I can't read or send e-mails from my computer right now. There's some kind of virus that screws over popup windows, so javascript isn't working on my computer. When the new site is back up, you'll be able to directly download the songs. I'm so sorry for the trouble.
Update by |lostprophet | 7-31-03
Progress Report: The characters, Haru, Elie, Plue, and Musica pages are up. Got the manga and volumes 1-6 pages up. Keep checking in. Site should be open soon. ^_^
Update by |lostprophet | 7-26-03
Progress Report: Well, things are coming along slowly. I guess I should pick up the pace since I have two weeks before school starts again. So anyways, yeah, jut keep checking in. >_o
Update by |lostprophet | 7-18-03
Well, here's how things go..this site is getting one kick ass overhaul. Just you wait. I've got the new layout done, now I'm just working on the pages. The new site will open soon. Ad free, no popups. It's gonna roooock. Note to The Larch: You can kiss my ass after this thing gets opened. ^_^
Update by |lostprophet | 7-11-03
So my MSN is working again. That means the new site will be up soon on our new host, wirsind. Thank God for the Ninja. Also, Pirates of the Caribbean rocks your world. Go see it.
Update by |lostprophet | 7-3-03
Eh, MSN is being stupid and won't let me sign on. I don't want to work on the new layout and stuff until I get it back up. Internet Explorer really sucks and I'm limited to things on it for some reason. Anyways, new host and stuff. No ads and such now, so I can use frames.

Onto the matter of the guestbook. There was recently an entry in it from a hypocrite that was bitching about me bitching about Toonami. If this person did not see my response in the guestbook, I suggest you go look at it and then I.M. me. Duo0064 on AIM, LPToTheMax on Yahoo, or on MSN messenger(currently down.) You say I have no life? That's true. In the summer, I don't. It's too hot to socialize. That's why I have my "life" in fall and winter. You say my site is a bland, boring piece of shit? I agree. That's why I got a new host. That way it won't be anymore and I can use some frames here and there and make it look nice. Considering this was my first real site and I did it in pure HTML with no experience whatsoever, I think it went pretty good. So Mr. I have no life, so I'll bitch to some kid about his opinion and his website, I dare you to I.M. me and talk to me in "real time" as they call it. Come on..just once..

Update by |lostprophet | 6-28-03
So ya, a new layout coming soon. Gonna work on it next week. This one was fine and dandy, but I think it looks "unprofessional." So you know...
Update by |lostprophet | 6-27-03
Haha. The petition is gone, because I didn't comply with their rules. T. Bivens wasn't suitable enough? I had to have my full first name? That's dumb.
Update by |lostprophet | 6-23-03
The world has come to an end. May Toonami rot in the bloody hell that I shall create for them. An endless line of stupid kids that THINK they know what anime is. Toonami has ruined my life. Rave will be shown on Toonami in 2004. Go Here for more details. Toonami, may you forever burn.

I just made a petition. Click the link under the menu to go sign it! Help save Rave!

Update by |lostprophet | 6-23-03
Sorry about the lack of updates. I was on vacation last week. Expect some new stuff up this week.
Update by |lostprophet | 6-13-03
Plue's character page is up in the Characters Section.
Update by |lostprophet | 6-08-03
The fanart section is up. Click the community button to get to it.
Update by |lostprophet | 6-04-03
Episodes 6-10 synopsises are up in the anime section. Set up a chatroom, too. How about that? It seems the forms on the music page are having some trouble. Whenever someone sends me an e-mail about a song, the file extension is labeled as a .att file. I can't get the results from the e-mails. So if you want to download a song from me, please send me a normal e-mail and tell me which song you'd like. My e-mail can be accessed by clicking my highlighted screen name at the bottom of the page.
Update by |lostprophet | 6-03-03
Well, according to my Tripod info. I have had over 900 hits already this month. There's no way of proving this to you all, so I went ahead and put up a new hit counter out on the main page. Weehaw. Also added a guestbook. You can get to it at the bottom of this page. New setup in the manga section, too. Check it out.
Update by |lostprophet | 6-01-03
Everything should be normal and back up and running.

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