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Site details:

Webmaster: Lostprophet

Age: Sixteen

Location: USA

I found Rave in NewType-USA's first issue back in November of 2002. I loved the way the characters looked, so I had my friend John get me a set of imported, subtitled DVDs. I opened the site back in January, and I believe I'm the only US-based Rave site right now.

The site was made using Tripod's Freeform html editor. It's pure html, baby. I got the guestbook, and hit counter from Bravenet. The forum server is Proboards. The main site banner that you see at the top of every page was made by Arrot Zang of A.Z.Project(check links section.) He also made my link banner. I did not ask him to do this. He did it of his own accord and offered them to me. The original site banner can be found on the Music page and was made by me. All other little banners were made by me. I gathered the pictures on my own, converted certain ones to make my banners, and left others to be unaltered. All episode synopsises and character bios were wrote by me. Manga chapter lists were compiled by me. Summaries were taken from Tokyopop. Song lyrics were taken from Anime Lyrics with permission.