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Episodes 6-10

Episode 6: Duel! Musica's Two Swords

Lance summons a dragon with his Dark Bring. Musica has a slight flashback. This dragon is different from Lance's other beasts. It can hurt Haru physically. The two keep fighting and Lance lunges at Haru. It seems he's hit him, but he's only stabbed through Haru's shirt. On Garage Island, Haru's sister is doing laundry. When Lance stabs through Haru's shirt, one of his shirts back home gets ripped. Back at the fight, Lance reveals that he used the sword Musica forged for him to kill Musica's family. An enraged Haru uses several Explosive Swords in vain, draining his own energy. Plue gets between the two fighters, trying to calm Haru down. Lance tosses Plue aside and summons a group of beasts to attack Haru. Musica the blacksmith appears and holds Lance in place. He tells Haru to finish him off with Lance.

Episode 7: Duel! The Victorious Explosive Sword

Haru charges at Lance, using Musica as a boost, Haru jumps in the air, destroying the Dark Bring on Lance's sword. The two fight sword to sword. Haru knocks Lance's sword away. The man admits defeat and the young Rave Master allows him to live. Musica the blacksmith punches Lance as a token of revenge. Meanwhile, an Imperial General is leading his men into Lance's headquarters. As the group prepares to leave, Lance gets back up and charges at them. Haru turns, slashing the man and killing him. Haru destroys Lance's sword then collapses. Lance's men charge at the group, but Musica steps in, taking his skull necklace and turning it into a whip and a spear. He whipes the floor with the troops and the group flees just before the Imperial army enter. Our heros are now all resting, while Haru is recovering. Elie is about to give him CPR when he wakes up, good as new.

Episode 8: The Silver Musica

A partyed out group of heroes are sleeping quietly, that is until Musica gets up and leaves. He and his gang go out for a job, but Plue has ended up going as well! They take him along. Hebi gets captured with Plue and put in prison. Musica goes and busts them out. Musica gets Plue back to Haru and starts to leave. Haru tells him that he should tell Musica the blacksmith that he's his grandson. Musica says he doesn't want to burden the man. Musica overhears them and tells Hamrio that if he was his grandson, he'd have the family crest tattooed on his right arm. Musica pulls up his sleeve and has nothing. He parts ways with the two. On his ship, Musica pulls up his left sleeve, revealing the tattoo. He is the blacksmith's grandson.

Episode 9: Plue's Secret

Elie enlists the aid of Griffon, a strange blue creature, and Tanchimo, a purple horse, to head North to where the Star Falls(a suggestion by Musica.) While heading north, the group decide to take a rest. Elie goes off for a bath, taking Plue with her. While in the springs, she turns Plue's nose. He deflates and she runs to show him to Haru. The two get in a fight, and Haru decides to let Elie handle the problem and sets up a tent, going to bed. Griffon tells Elie of the Liz Strawberries, which appear once a night and can cure any illness. She sets off into the desert to search for them. When she finds them, she's confronted by a creature who wishes to have them. She gives it half, but then it attacks her, only to be stopped by Haru. Haru defeats the creature and carries Elie back to the camp where Plus is back to normal.

Episode 10: The Thunder in Memory

While heading north, the group gets caught up in a storm. A bolt of lightning and roll of thunder cause Elie to freak out. Griffon stops in Ska village, allowing Haru to take Elie to rest. They find a hotel. Haru tells the owner, Lasanga, they'll be staying until the rain dies down. The owner says it'll be a very long time, then. Haru and Plue go out while Elie is resting. Plue converses with a frog until a rock flies at it, 'causing it to jump away. It seems a boy hates the frog, calling it a demon. He tries to throw another rock at it but Haru stops him. The boy yells at Haru and runs off. An old man appears out of nowhere and tells Haru that it's no use. The boy has never seen the blue sky. The kid is still throwing rocks at the frog a little later and accidently hits a man. Meanwhile, Elie is showering and having flashbacks. She sees a man with blue hair. Lasagna tells Haru that the rain will never stop and that it's been raining for five years. The two guys who attacked the kid show up at the hotel with him. It seems the child, Chino, is Lasanga's son. Chino bites the one holding him in the arm and runs to his mom. The guys draw knives, but they're knocked away by Haru. When they learn Haru is the Rave Master, they leave. Chino's mom tells Haru that he believes the sky will clear up if he kills the frog. Haru asks who caused the rain and Lasanga tells him of a man who manipulates thunder. Elie overhears them and runs out of the hotel. Haru and Plue run after her. Haru catches up to her, but she speeds up even more. Elie has another flashback. The blue haired man shocks her and leaves her for dead. Haru is hit in the head with a rock and turns to see Chino holding Eisenmeteor. He tells Haru he'll need the sword if he's to beat The Thunder Man. Haru tells him he's just going to get Elie back, though. Chino then tells Haru that The Thunder Man is from Demon Card. Haru then decided to fight him. He tells Chino that he will let him see the blue sky.