Age: 18
Birthday: July 20, 0048
Weapon: Spear/Whip
Special Power: Musica can manipulate silver into any form that he wishes it to be.

Musica is the leader of Silver Rythm, a gang of expert thieves that reside in Punk Street. Musica's family was wiped out by Lance the "Beast Sword" of Demon Card. His only living relative is Musica the blacksmith, yet he refuses to admit it to the old man. Musica's power helps Haru's group greatly, as do Musica's fighting skills. He's equal with Haru and the two make a formidable team. Musica has a few secrets that he keeps locked inside, however. He meets up with Haru when Elie mistakes him for Musica the blacksmith. He helps Haru rescue Elie from Lance, then runs off with his gang. The group meets up again later, and Musica has a new style. He decides to join Haru and Elie on their journey.