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So I'm starting the separate pages...hoorah!

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Elie. A mysterious young girl that meets up with Haru. She's lost her memory and Haru agrees to help her find it. Her past ends up being more than anyone bargained for.

Plue. A weird "dog" that Haru fishes out of the water. He was present in the battle 50 years ago that brought the destruction of 1/10 of the world. Plue ends up helping Haru and the group in the most awkward ways.

Silver Rhythm Musica. Leader of a group of theives known as Silver Wave. He helps Haru free Elie from Lance and soon after departs. Haru and Elie meet up with him later on. Musica becomes a valuable ally due to his power to manipulate silver into any form he wants. He becomes close friends with Haru and sticks by him.