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Episodes 1-5

Episode 1: The Heir of Rave

The episode starts off showing the battle of fifty years ago in which the Dark Bring was thought to be destroyed. Instead, the attack against it caused "Overdrive", an attack that caused the destruction of 1/10th of the world. After that, we are taken to present day. Haru is searching for Plue, and ends up looking in a casino. He then ends up looking up the skirt of a girl who freaks out and when she loses her roulette bet, ends up shooting down the casino. She tries to leave the town but is stopped. She heads back into the town, meeting Plue. Demon Card members take Plue from her and enter him in a dog race. When harm is about to come to the dogs, Elie interrupts the race, causing Demon Card goons to go after her. Haru appears and saves her. The dog race owner comes out, challenging Haru. He turns to smoke, using his Dark Bring attack: The Sky of CO(Carbon Minoxide). Haru can't hit him, so he turns to his RAVE. Haru uses it with his sword, The Ten Commandments, and turns it to the Explosive Sword. He slashes the bad guy, destroying his Dark Bring. Plue gets a cart and Haru, Elie, and the small creature escape.

Episode 2: Explosive Shuda

Haru and Elie are riding along in their cart, but when the find Demon Card goons heading their way, they turn into an alley. The ground collapses and they fall into the sewer. From under the rubble comes a person dressed in miner's outfit. Her name is Haul. She leads Haru and Elie back above ground, but Shuda is waiting for them. Haru attacks Shuda, but he counters with his Dark Bring's power, Barzuer Flame. The fire seems to dance around Haru. Plue gets thrown and ends up with his nose stuck in a pole. When he pulls it out, a sign falls down on Shuda. Shuda gets up to find Haru leaping at him with the explosive sword. It connects with Shuda's Dark Bring, destroying it. Shuda laughs and gets Haru's name. It shocks Haru to learn that Shuda knows his father, Gale. As Shuda leaves, Haru yells at him to come back. He leaves in his flying ship though. Haul goes back underground, and when Haru starts talking to Elie, the Ten Commandments breaks. Haru freaks out, and Elie tells him of a blacksmith in Punk Street named Musica. Haru tells Elie to come along with him, and he'll help her find what she's looking for. She says she's looking for her memory, and Haru agrees to help her get it back.

Episode 3: The Legendary Blacksmith Musica

The episode starts with a gang of pirates robbing a place and quickly shifts to Haru and Eli walking through the desert. Haru is complaining about being thirsty and when Elie takes out her guns and shoots in the air, she hits one of the pirates'(who are flying in an airship) watering can, causing it to fall out and pour water all over Haru. The pirates land, and get into an argument with Haru, but their leader breaks it up. He magically fixes the watering can and the group leaves. Haru and Elie get to Punk Street and separate. Haru goes to look for Musica while Elie goes off to gamble. Plue runs off and ends up drinking with an old man. The man tells Haru he can take him to Musica, but first he wants to go home. Haru takes him and Plue ends up drinking with the man again. Plue ends up falling into a bucket which causes Haru to flashback to when he found him. Haru splashes the man with some water and tells him he needs to find Musica so he can get his sword fixed. The old man says HE is Musica and knows of Haru's sword. He takes the Rave from Haru and tells him it will take two days to fix the sword, and not to peek. Elie has her guns modified and while walking to find Haru, she passes a group of the pirates and hears one of them call the leader Musica. She asks him for a favor and he gives his gang the day off and goes with Elie. Haru meets up with Elie, and Musica recognizes him from earlier in the day. Elie tells Haru that the guy she's with is Musica and Haru says he just came from Musica. Musica the pirate tells Haru that he got cheated and that he's never heard of Musica the Blacksmith. He tells Haru it must have been a trap by Demon Card. All of the sudden, a group of Demon Card thugs show up and bolt the three to a wall. They're searched and the leader realizes that old man Musica was hiding it from him when he went to pick it up. Plue attacks the goons with his nose and Musica uses his power to manipulate silver to help Haru and Elie get free. Haru and Musica throw down on the group and Musica tells Haru the blacksmith was a fake because he's the only Musica left in the world.

Episode 4: Beast Sword Man Lance

Haru goes to see the blacksmith and Elie goes to have her guns fixed again. The shop is bashed and Musica walks in to find Lance holding Elie. The man beats up Musica and tells him to tell the Rave Master to bring him the Rave in two hours or she will die. Haru tells the blacksmith he doesn't look like a liar. The blacksmith said he lied about fixing the sword and to take it back to Shiba. Haru tells him the sword is his and tells Musica the story of how he came to be the Rave master. Plue and Musica show up and inform Haru of the situation. The blacksmith flashesback to Lance killing his family and tells Haru he will fix the sword.

Episode 5: Rebirth, God's Precept

Musica works on the sword. The blacksmith's flame causes Haru to have a flashback of his village on fie. A dying villager tells Haru that his father, Gale, left the island to search for the Raves. The scene shifts to Musica infiltrating Lance's HQ. Elie is trying to get Lance to play a game but ends up angering him. Before Lance can do anything to her, Musica frees her. Musica fights with the fat guy that bolted the group to a wall earlier and watches Lance kill him. Back at the blacksmith's mill, Musica tells Haru about Lance killing his family with a sword he forged. Back at Lance's place, he fights with Musica, injuring him. Lance goes to kill Elie, but Haru shows up in the nick of time. Musica told Haru the secret of Lance's beast sword, and when Haru exploits it, Lance reveals his Dark Bring.

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