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4-17-03 Woo, update! Volume 2 of the manga was released on Tuesday. Go pick it up!

3-11-03 Yeah, been a week or two. I got Haru's character page up now. I've yet to put up more episode summaries. Yes, I know, I'm a bad webmaster. Deal with it.

2-25-03 I know, I know, I haven't updated for five nights. I've been busy with play practice and haven't had anytime. I have a makeshift manga section up now, so have fun.

2-20-03 Check it out, I got the Cards section up. If I'm feelin' as good as I am right now, I'll put up the manga section, too, but don't bet on it.

2-17-03 I know, I know. I haven't posted an update for four days and there are still some sections down. Bear with me. I've been busy with a little gem called .hack//Infection. This game is awesome, and everyone should play it. Don't let its difficulty factor turn you off. If you pay attention to the story, you'll know why it's like that. Anyways, play it. Tonight I am gonna try to get some more stuff up, although I probably won't, because I'm a bad webmaster.

2-13-03 I finally picked up my copy of volume one of the manga tonight. It's released as RAVE MASTER. It was very good, and I don't want to wait two months for the next one. I'll probably import them all eventually. Anyways, I should have some more stuff up tonight.

2-11-03 So today was the day. Rave has now officially been exposed to the US in Manga form. Tokyopop has released volume one of Rave, so go pick it up!!!

2-7-03 The anime section is now up. Episodes 1-5 now have guides up. More to come, so enjoy. Also, five more days until the manga is released in the U.S.

2-6-03 The character section is up, but not complete. I have more characters to add, and a menu coming for it, so stay tuned. If I'm lucky, I'll get some episode synopsises posted tonight, too.

2-4-03 So I didn't get the section up, and won't have it up for another night or so. I have someone helping me on the layout and he's not around all that much, and when I try and figure it out on my own, it looks weird. Give me some more time though. It's coming.

2-2-03 Tokyopop has snagged the rights to the Rave manga and it's coming out on the 11th of this month. I just now found out about this and was like, "Whaaaaat?" Anyways, it's a good thing. In site news, I'm still working on getting episode synopsises finished. The characters section should be up sometime between tonight and tomorrow night. ADDITION: Okay, I got the release dates from the Tokyopop website. Volume 1 ships on the 11th of this month, for sure. Volume 2 ships in April on the 15th, with Volume 3 to follow in June on the 6. Also, the anime is coming to the U.S. soon, so I hope the dub is good.

2-1-03 Well, as you can see, the site is now underway. I will have more things up as the weekend progresses. For now though, just enjoy my pretty black background with wicked white text.