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Volume 3
Released earlier than expected.(Not confirmed)
Chapter 14: Approaching Darkness
Chapter 15: Shot to the Heart
Chapter 16: Feel the Burn
Chapter 17: Sweet Dreams and Bitter Kisses
Chapter 18: Good Morning Sunshine
Chapter 19: Out of the Plue
Chapter 20: The Coldest Rain
Chapter 21: Gray Clouds Over my Heart
Bonus Comic: Rave 0077-Levin Minds the House #3 The Intruder

The Ten Commandments sword has been re-forged by master blacksmith Musica, but Rave Master Haru Glory isn't out of trouble yet. The Demon Card swordsman Lance has come to eliminate Haru, and with a Dark Bring enhanced Beast Sword, it's looking like he might succeed. Can Haru figure out the secret of the Beast Sword's spectral attacks before he and his friends are wiped out?

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