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Age: 16
Birthday: July 17, 0050
Weapon: Ten Commandments
Special Power: Controller of Rave

Haru was born on Garage Island, the son of Gale and Sakura Glory and the brother of Cattleya Glory. His father left the island when he was young, in search of Rave. His mother died shortly after and he was raised by his sister. Having a strong moral upbringing, Haru is always one to help someone in need. He fishes a small creature named Plue out of the water, and befriends his old owner Shiba, the first Rave Master who is looking for Plue, and when the man loses his power to control Rave, Haru takes the stone and becomes the second heir of Rave. Haru soon meets up with Elie, vowing to help her regain her memory. The two meet Silver Rhythm Musica and Haru becomes close friends with him. The group searches for the remaining Raves so they can defeat the Dark Bring.